Monday, June 18, 2007

Things are beginning to come into full bloom in our flower beds. The days are sunny and the nights are getting warmer so we are finding many beautiful flowers that we didn't know we even had growing in our flower beds.

I have found several colors of this Lupine in the beds and today I picked up a packet of mixed color Lupine seeds that should bring lot of wonderful colors next summer.

Not only are the flower beds full of these precious Daisies, but so are any fields around us that doesn't have animals grazing in them. What a wonderful sight!

Our trip to Washington State was a quick one but one filled with a lot of emotions for me. The Circus Reunion was fabulous and I saw many people that were performing in the show when I was. We shared so many wonderful memories!

After the get-together we stopped by the assisted living facility where my Mom has been living for the last 4 or 5 years to get in a visit with her. What a heart break it was for me for my mom not to recognize me after such a short time since our last visit.

If I could have just one prayer answered in my lifetime it would be for someone to find a way to prevent this horrible Alzheimer's disease that seems to be stealing so many loved ones away from their families. Please tell your loved ones how much you love them . You just never know what tomorrow will bring.


gincoleaves said...

Those Daisies look good enough to eat Hostagirl LOL!
If our rainfall doesn't stop soon, we won't be able to enjoy all the beautiful Summer flowers growing all over the place, do enjoy your Summer time Hostagirl, it's the loveliest season of them all!

How very true what you say about the Alzheimer's disease - a cure for that one will be a blessing, and the same goes for so many other diseases.
It will probably happen one day when we're long gone - but what a suffering!!!

keewee said...

I do not have any lupines, I will have to remedy that soon.
Glad you had a good time at the circus reunion.

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