Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Yeah, I know this is a very cute picture. But it is actually one of those "YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY!" stories. I was on my usual speed walk the other morning when I walked by this pile of tree limbs. Yes, I have probably walked by it a hundred times and I know better than anyone to always carry my digital camera with me. But the stars must have been a bit out of alignment that morning because I got out the door and quite a ways down the road before I realized that I had not brought my camera with me and of course I came upon a sight I am sure I will never see again in my lifetime!!

As I walked near this pile of tree limbs I heard what was a lot of chattering going on. I slowed down then as I came next to the pile that is very near the road, I realized that there was a very young family of squirrels playing in this pile. I stood and watched for a moment and to my surprise and delight, out onto this very limb that you see the one squirrel on in the photo, not one baby squirrel, but 5 beautiful, curious baby squirrels coming out of hiding and lined up looking at me!

I knew in that very moment, when I found no digital camera hanging around my neck, that I was witnessing a sight that I would never see again and few people would believe me when I told them. I was totally heartbroken.

I returned to the same piles of limbs early the next morning thinking that the babies were there sunning themselves in the early warmth of the sun. But this is the only fellow that I found and the irony of it all was that this little guy is sitting exactly where the babies were sitting the previous morning. If you look real close maybe you can see the little smirk on his face.

So from this day forward, I promise to try to ALWAYS have my wonderful little camera with me. I believe I was truly blessed to have been a witness to such an incredible sight and next time I will have a photograph to share with the whole world!

I was very pleased to see this little treasure in my garden this morning. This is a Lily that came with us from Washington State and has done wonderful considering I had just replanted her earlier this spring. Yes, that's deer netting you can see around the beautiful flower. I do not trust the deer at all and have deer netting in many places through out my yard and garden.
This is a few Marigold plants that we have purchased to bring a little more color into our flower beds until the other plants that were here before we arrived, start to show their colors. What a simple way to brighten things up!


keewee said...

It always seems that the very day we forget our cameras, is the day some extraordinary thing happens we can only tell about. I am sure the sight of all those babies was incredible. Just like us seeing the mountain lion, only then, it was 3am and a camera would not have done us any good as it all happened in a blink of an eye.

gincoleaves said...

I can only agree with keewee here about forgetting the camera at home, but nevermind Hostagirl, you were ever so lucky to see the baby squirrils - it was definately meant for "your eyes only" and you'll never forget that picture.

Your flowers are lovely, I never had a garden without Marigolds.
I remember sprinkling the dry seeds all over the bottom end of the garden, and in no time the place was covered in Marigolds.

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