Saturday, June 23, 2007

Life in Montana 2007

The farmer down the road had cut this field the day before and now they are putting the hay in wind rows. The weather was perfect with only an occasional cloud drifting over head. And I am sure the farmer was very appreciated of the umbrella over his head! And as you can see, there is no enclosed cab with air conditioning and stereo radio to listen to...just the music of the chugging of the old tractor to keep him company!
Then this gentleman farmer drives over the wind rows with this machine that pulled the hay up into the front of the machine which baled the hay by wrapping two strands of wire around each bale then the hay was spit out the back in a neat tight bale. After the hay was baled, this gentleman drove this machine around the field and picked up the bales....8 to ten at a time and stacked them to wait for them to be loaded onto the truck.

This is of course, a very old fashion way of harvesting hay. But farmers that have lived in this valley for many years tend to take very good care of their equipment and see no need to foolishly spend their hard earned money on new fan dangle machinery!!!

I enjoyed this scene as it took place this week just down the road from our place. All of these gentleman...all brothers, take great pride in their land and cattle and spend endless days tending it to keep it fruitful. I really believe that they are what the real America is all about.

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keewee said...

A far different cry to the farmer in the pasture next to us, who has those big round bales ready to be picked up and trucked off.

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