Sunday, December 30, 2012


I have decided to take some time off from Facebook.
 And I  can't believe what a long wonderful day I have had today!

I am having so much more time to myself...took the pup for an hour long walk on the train trail, visited with the neighbor for almost an hour, sat and actually watched some of the Seahawk game, and even spent some time looking through my patterns for a new and fun Bead Loom project.  What a wonderful afternoon it has been.

I did not realize how much time was being suck from my life everyday while I was spending mindless time on Facebook.

And I have discovered a clever feature there..I can have all the status updates that show up on my FB page sent directly to my email site.  It takes me just moments to glance through them and see who is posting status updates that actually are interesting and not just pictures with quotes, or updates about what they are eating for dinner or where they are having a cup of coffee at.

And I can respond right from my email to a status that interests me with out going to Facebook.

And it takes just seconds to delete the fb notice from my email site without even going near Facebook!  What a power trip that is!!

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