Saturday, March 2, 2013

I am working on helping Spring get here.

 I thought if I posted some pictures of my pretty yellow roses that maybe Spring would decide that it is time she showed up.

These pretty roses are tiny but full of fragrance that lasts for several weeks.

It is hard to believe that when they are in full bloom that their beautiful flower is the size of a dime coin.  Makes them even more precious.
And I am seeing more sightings of my favorite bird here on the harbor lately.  The Blue Heron is such a mystical bird and seems so mysterious as he stands quietly in the tall grass as I pass him by.  always a treat to see.


SquirrelQueen said...

Those roses are beautiful. Thanks for helping spring along. I saw some crocus peeking out today.

Rae said...

I can almost smell those roses! My mom used to have a yellow rose bush...sweet memory! I have spring fever, but they are saying 2 inches of snow tonite!

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