Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve visit to the Sea

We made a trip to the sea on this beautiful Christmas Eve afternoon.

The 40 foot long Giant Kelp that came up on the beach during a storm a few weeks ago had been washed back out to sea during a King Tide earlier this week.

But in it's place another bunch of Kelp was washed ashore. This is the type of Kelp that grows to just about 6 feet in length. So much smaller than the Giant Kelp.
But it is still large enough to tangle it's self around a log to get a hold so it stayed on the beach during the King Tide.

I am sending all of my blogger friends a piece of my heart for Christmas. I hope the New Year brings you a lot of joy and happiness.
Mistaya the pup sends her love, wags and hugs too!

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