Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What crazy weather we are having

This was the scenes we passed on our way home today. We are always amazed at the beauty of these mountains and each time they seem to offer a new and exciting look.
The below photo was taken very close to our home. The day before our neighborhood had experienced rain, hail, LOT'S of snow, wind and lightening that struck our road and the thunder cracked instantly following the flash from the lightening. Of course I always find the thunder so very exciting! And it can sure slam into these big beautiful mountains just above our house. What an amazing racket! The entire house and all the windows sound like they are going to rattle out of their frames.
JW and I are busy constructing a small green house for us. We are hoping to raise a few veggies without loosing any of them to the hungry deer. I will keep you posted with photos to show how we are progressing with this adventure.

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keewee said...

With that crazy weather you are having, a green house will be nice.

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