Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Our temperature reach an incredible 94 degrees yesterday. It felt so wonderful and we even had a gentle breeze most of the day. I believe our little town was the warmest in the state.
And this morning the temperature was 40 degrees when I first looked out the window but didn't think to take a photo until the temperature had already reached about 45 degrees. What
a temperature change! But I must admit the cool air this morning did feel good.
But of course our rivers are running so high and fast and there is no fishing on the World Famous Bitterroot River at the moment. Below is a 34 second video I took of the river not far from our house this morning. We can actually here the roar of the river from our back deck which is about 1 and 1/2 miles from the river. What a strange sound it makes. You will be able to hear the rush of the water on the video.


keewee said...

Goodness,the weather is fickle in Montana. We have had rain here all day.

Ginco said...

I do hope you will be able to enjoy the good weather summer has to offer !!
Although our summer's here, I'm having dark doubts, just too much rain lately - something tells me it's gonna be a "wet one"

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