Monday, May 11, 2009

How we spent Mother's Day

Mother's Day was a fun busy one for us this year. We spent most of the morning working out in the yard as it was the first nice sunny day in a long time. The flowers are starting to grow as are lot's of weeds so that always keeps me busy.

About 2:30 that afternoon we drove to the nearby Hot Springs and spent a few hours soaking in the wonderful hot water of a very big pool. It still had it's winter covering on it so the air inside was so nice and warm . It was so relaxing that we both felt as though we could have taken a nap while floating leisurely around the pool. They weren't too busy so we had lot's of room to just float around. It was difficult to climb out of this amazing natural wonder but we had more plans for the day so we each retired to the showers and dressing rooms.

At 5:30 we had a date at a local restaurant with several people in my walking group so we arrived just at 5:30 as it was just a few miles back down the road from the Hot Springs. The place was crowded but we had made reservations so we joined those in our group that were already there. It was a fun evening of visiting but neither JW or I had a meal that we would be happy with. My steak had to be returned to the kitchen 3 times to try to get it right and the third time it was so over done that I could barely cut it with a steak knife. So I gave up on that. Yes, I have always been warned about sending food back to the kitchen and I was not thrilled to have to do it 3 times.

JW ordered a simple green salad and a baked potato...simple right?! He asked for a dinner salad made of Ice Burg Lettuce and she brought him a salad of spinach...not good. I forgot to say that we did arrive at the reservation time of 5:30 but did not get out order taken till we had been there over 30 minutes. By 6:30 we still hadn't received our order and sensed that things were not going to turn out well. It was well after 7:00 before any one's meal arrived and JW was patiently waiting for his baked potato. At 7:30 I turned to JW and said "Don't you think we have waited long enough for your simple baked potato to arrive? I think it is time to leave this place and go home and get something for both of us to eat." So we went to the register and told the waitress to take the potato off our bill....and we would not be returning to there establishment. Of course she apologized but that came a bit too late.

So a day that started out so wonderful and so relaxing at the Hot Springs, didn't end very well for both of us. And it's really a shame as we are very limited when it comes to places to eat out here at this end of the valley.

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