Sunday, April 19, 2009

The puppy and I were checking out any new growth in the flower beds today when I looked up and saw this pretty site.
A large jet had just passed over our valley and the winds seemed to be breaking up the vapor trail as the jet zoomed over us.
We have had some beautiful weather the last few days so I have been raking up leaves and weeds. I have been able to uncover many sprouts that promise to be beautiful flowers in a few months. And I am pleased to see that my Lupines are making a very strong comeback in all of my flower beds. Most of them are in the brilliant blue colors and they last such a nice long time so we and the Butterflies and Hummingbirds can enjoy them. JW helped me burn my many piles of leaves and weeds this morning before the winds came up. It sure looks better outside.
JW has been spending time in the Machine Shop this weekend and he does enjoy that. I do have a few projects that I need to talk to him about and find out when I can fit them into his schedule. It is going to be a busy spring as he is also planning to build us a greenhouse this year. I am very excited about that.


Ginco said...

I've always liked the fuzzy patterns made by jet planes high up in the sky - - but these scribbly ones on your blog is new to me, I suppose it depends on the weather? Isn't it just lovely to enjoy the beauty of Springtime again? I think we're all too happy to pack the warm coats and boots far away in the darkest dungeons, LOL! I'm so nosey about your puppy, I'm gonna hint for a picture :-) :-)

keewee said...

Very cool indeed.

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