Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Actually, I don't know what to say!

No, that isn't cotton growing on my's just that white stuff that keeps falling from the sky. I just can't seem to get it to stop.
Even my beautiful Lupines are trying to make a valiant effort to grow this year but are now blanketed in a carpet of snow. They have been through this in past winters so I am fairly certain they will survive and reward me with very colorful flowers again this summer.
Well, this is similar to putting up your air conditioner and then the wonderful hot weather goes away. I brought out this chaise lounge and my hammock over the weekend and you can see what I have created. But I am going to fool Mother Nature and just leave them both out and maybe that will encourage warm spring weather to finally arrive here in our little neighborhood.
JW is cutting back on his hours at work so we can spend more time together here in our little home. We hope to get our greenhouse built soon to get those yummy veggies growing. I can taste those beautiful red tomato's already. It will be good to have him around more...I have noticed that even the puppy sits at the front window watching for him when it is time for him to arrive home each afternoon.

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Ginco said...

Oh my, it looks like Winter's arrived far too early in your area. But, let's hope you will soon be able to enjoy the lovely warm Summer sun. We are also eagerly awaiting the Summertime, but one day it's really nice and then the next day's as chilly as a Winters day - - So we're changing clothes like a chameleon LOL!
PS. I will be blogging again starting this Saturday.

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