Wednesday, April 15, 2009


JW spent the afternoon in the kitchen making up a batch of his English Chutney from the recipe his mother brought with her when the family immigrated here from England many years ago. This was a new experience for me as I had not been home when he made previous batches of this amazing food.
These are the items that he used to create this recipe.

The beautiful Red Delicious apples were found in our local store and they were grown in the beautiful state of Washington and actually were from our home town. They still taste like my memory tells me....good.
This shows the spices brewing in a kettle of vinegar....they did help to remove the terrible smell of the simmering vinegar every where in our house! And of course they brought a wonderful flavor to the Chutney as well.
All the apples have been sliced and added as well as the rest of the ingredients and the golden and brown raisins were the last to go in.
The pot simmers and simmers...............
And finally it is left to cool in the kettle. It sure smells good JW!!
A beautiful batch of Chutney in their jars and ready to last!
I tried this treat on crackers with cheese and I enjoyed it very much. The English apparently like to eat this on their french fries. Thanks JW


keewee said...

Yummy, I haven't had chutney like that in eons.

Ginco said...

Ooooh my, I just love a good chutney, can you imagine my face when I found the all familiar SA chutney in a German supermarket??!!
But, your home made chutney looks ever so tempting - can I hop over for a taste of the good stuff?? LOL!

Anonymous said...

I think you eniglish prefer chutney on our cheese and ketchup on our chips!!

Good job on blog and chutney : )

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