Monday, December 22, 2008


I know the temperature is warmer than it has been for some time but it is just 9 degrees at noon. And it has been snowing most of the night and the day. We are starting to get quite a build up of it and it is the local wildlife that I feel sorry for. Our large flock of Turkey came through this morning and they sure look cold and miserable.
They finally took refuge under the pine tree at the end of our driveway. I have not fed them this year as they leave such a mess before they leave. And I don't want little Mistaya the puppy to think that they are here to be chased by her.

This is a flock that has the largest Turkeys I have ever seen here in our neighborhood. That alone may cause Mistaya to stop and think about their size before she heads out to chase them.
I do believe that they wouldn't hesitate to come after her. I am guessing that because of their size someone in the neighborhood is definitely feeding them very well.

Little Mistaya really enjoys the time she gets to spend in her kennel during the day. We have put up several tarps to cover the sides and also the top to protect her from the winter weather. I have also placed loose straw in one area that she likes to lay in and chew on her prized sticks and chew toys. We spend all that money on dog toys and her favorite chew thing is a stick she picked up in the street!! I do of course limit her time out in the kennel so doesn't get to cold and she has already figured out how to let us know she wants to go out there.
It looks like this snow storm is planning to stay around for awhile. I am grateful that JW and I were able to finish our Christmas shopping this last Saturday when the weather was clear and sunny. Gosh, we did something right! At the moment the flakes are getting larger and heavier. I need to get out and shovel the little walkway again before it builds up much more.

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keewee said...

Looks like Mistaya is one happy girl. She sure adopted a wonderful family.

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