Sunday, March 16, 2008

It's a lazy Sunday morning and I am having a difficult time "getting in gear" for the day! The sun has found it's way out from behind the few clouds that are hanging over this beautiful valley so it looks like a warm sunny day is in store of us.

I have two projects I wish to accomplish today. One is to find a handy storage solution to store our large collection of old 33rpm records. Because of the size of our cozy home it has become a challenge for me to become very creative to find just the right place to display and store things.

The second project is located on eBay. I have decided that I would open a store on eBay. My other store site will be closed so I can channel my energy in this new direction. And hopefully I will make money and make some usable space here at home at the same time. Of course, if I can make some spare space that may mean that I have extra space to fill!!! Oh, okay JW, I am just kidding! My previous venture on eBay was very profitable so I am hoping for a repeat performance.

So I had better get busy before the idea of takin an early lap overtakes me! Have a great day.

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