Saturday, March 15, 2008


It must be spring in the Bitter Root Valley as I noticed the Turkeys are changing their neck color and the toms are strutting around in full foliage trying to catch the eye of one of the lady hens nearby. The hens neck become a beautiful turquiose blue and the males neck turn a deep purple signaling the spring ritual.

The turkeys have been fun to watch but now that the neighbor group has grown to more than 40 in number, they have defineitly lost their charm. They leave an amazing amount of "CHARM" everytime they pass thru our yard. And as the many layers of snow are melting away the eveidence of their presence is even more obvious.

Time is getting close for us to visit the animal shelter to see if there is a dog that would like to join our family. We have decided on a design for our fence around the house so as soon as that is finished we will have a nice home for our new family member to play in...and to help keep the wildlife away from my pretty plants. Of course he will join us in the house too. When people ask us what kind of a dog are we looking for I tell them we will let the dog choose us. Of course there will be a slight bit of adjustment when the new dog meets the cat Queen of the house. She has had her entire home to herself since we lost my cat Blackie almost 2 years ago. But I imagine a few swats on the nose and a couple of angry hissess will send the young pup running. Sometimes friendship is hard to earn.

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