Sunday, January 20, 2008

The temperature reached 12 degrees today and this thermometer picture was taken at 5 pm today. We received about 5 or 6 inches of new snow overnight and today we had sunshine (yeah...and only 12 degrees!) and wind. Because the new snow was so fluffy it seemed like it was snowing but it was actually just the wind blowing the snow around.
I took this photograph yesterday when the fog spent the day in our neighborhood. And it does seem to make everything so much quieter. But it took only a few noisy snowmobiles racing down our little dirt road to remember where we really are. And as the snow leaves us we must once again put up with the dirt bikes that roar up the road to tear up the nearby forest. Yes, I know everyone had the right to be in our forests, but it's so sad to travel up these roads and see all the damage these bikes do to the area in such a short time. And the scars seem to last forever. There seems to always be a few rotten apples in every barrel that spoils it for the rest of us.

Okay, I will get down off my soap box now and just enjoy the last half of the Green Bay and the New York Giants football game.


ginco said...

Hooo Boy, if I had to wake up and see that view (3rd picture) I'd remain in bed. No wonder even the birdies went silent!
The weather doesn't know what to do at our end of the world, we're enjoying Springtime in the middle of Winter, crazy, but thank goodness no-one's complaining. Somehow, I get the strangest feeling that we're gonna pay for the good times, LOL!!!

Jay said...


In lieu of some well placed nails, you could just spread around some big incriminatin' photos of the damage done by motorized yahoos in the Bitterroot...might not help but at least make ya feel better about it.

I don't like yahoos either...

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