Friday, January 18, 2008

I am very pleased how our painting job turned out last week. The color is very soothing and adds a bit of feel of comfort to the rooms.

These photo's were taken in the dining room area. I really like the new color.

I am now in the process of finding some type of covering for the living room windows. It will be temporary as we do plan to find just the right drapes for this space. We are both in agree on what type of drape we want but because of the material type and the style of the drapes, they are going to be costly. And right now there are a few other things that are at the top of our "want list". So they are down the list a ways so that is the reason for the temporary window coverings.

We made our trip into Missoula to shop at Costco yesterday. It was snowing here at home as we were leaving but just 10 miles up the road there was not even a snow flake to be seen. There was absolutely no snow on the ground! We don't have much snow at home but what is on the ground has been there for several weeks. And it is always so odd not to see any snow just a few miles from us. And just 20 miles south of us is a large ski resort that measures it's "light" snowfall in feet instead of inches.

I know everyone has heard the expression..." if you don't like the weather just wait a little bit!" But hear they say..."If you don't like the weather just drive a few miles!" And that is so true for life here in this beautiful valley.

The temperature has been dropping into the very low teens at night but into the 20's during the day. It's funny how we now think it's wonderful when the temperature at least gets up into the 20's!!! Weird.

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