Friday, January 11, 2008


This is the view out the living room windows to the south. The walls are just a basic white and we tired of them quickly. So after 6 months of choosing paint colors, we finally settled on the final choice!
This is the color we chose for this project. It is a shade of clay. We are both very pleased with the results. Now the next project is to design drapes for these windows. I have a feeling that this project may be more difficult than choosing the shade of the paint!!!


ginco said...

What a glorious view you have there!
I can see myself sitting right there sewing away.
I just love a bay window, and your first picture looks as if it could be just that, am I right?
Yes, there's nothing to top a window with a splash of color of your choice, white is so sterile.
Our Agency will probably have a fit and a half if we'd paint the walls :-)
Happy color seeking Hostagirl, plse more pictures!

ginco said...

While admiring your bay windows, I totally forgot to mention the new color. The new shade is lovely and it looks very homey(I hope I have picked the correct word, years ago, while we stayed in the US, I mentioned the word homely, but was corrected and told it means something completely different) LOL!!!!

keewee said...

I had left a comment yesterday, apparently it did not post.
I was saying how warm and cozy your living room looks in it's new coat of paint. My painting is going to have to be put on the back burner, as I start the first of a four day shift at work tomorrow.

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