Friday, December 21, 2007

We didn't put up any outdoor Christmas lights this year but I did hang our wreath and 'my' Christmas stocking...stuffed with "presents" of course! It does add a bit of cheer to our front door.
There seems to be a "freeway" going through our yard. I don't recall any permits or surveys going on.

The turkeys apparently stick pretty close to the same 'trails' as they travel through our neighborhood and the snow can certainly make that obvious to us.

So, are you ready for the Holiday? Of course I have at least one more gift to find so it's into town for me tomorrow. I hope your Holiday is filled with lot's of Happiness.

1 comment:

ginco said...

Your Christmas wreath looks ever so pretty against the white door, and that present sitting in the stocking looks very tempting, LOL!

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