Saturday, December 22, 2007

We really haven't observed very much wildlife lately. The Turkeys live in our neighborhood so we have to put up with them everyday. I know I can't keep them out of our yard but I don't appreciate all the fertilizer they leave EVERYWHERE!!!

We were surprised to have 4 small Deer visit our place yesterday. We haven't seen any of the Bucks or large Does in some time. They must move up the hill sides and deep into the forest.


ginco said...

Those turkeys are so cheeky - so darn ugly but you must admit, they're soooooo cute!
I do so enjoy your pictures of the

keewee said...

I saw a couple of wild turkeys alongside the road a couple of days ago. Well at least I presume they are wild, or they may have escaped from someones property.
The only critters we see right now are the birds around the feeders. We have not seen any rabbits for weeks.

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