Thursday, December 20, 2007

We witnessed the most beautiful snow storm today. When we first awoke this morning the wind was blowing hard and there was snow falling. The snow really didn't reach the ground because the wind was actually blowing the snow sideways. Then all of a sudden the wind stopped and the small snowflakes were floating gently down to earth. A bit later in the morning I looked out the window and it was beginning to snow very hard. Then the magic began...the largest snow flakes I have ever seen were floating out of the sky. Soon the snow flakes were so large the hill across the road disappeared. What a beautiful sight! I did go out on the front porch and took some pictures but I don't think they turned out very good.
Oh well,'s one of the pictures. I hope you can make out the big beautiful snow flakes!

1 comment:

keewee said...

those snowflakes look huge. I love to watch snow when it slowly drifts down to cover everything. There is such a feel of peace.

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