Monday, November 19, 2007

Wow, winter has arrived with a vengeance!!! It started snowing yesterday afternoon and as I write this it is still snowing. JW estimates that we have about 6 inches of snow so far. But the news is that we had a power outage this morning and after 12 hours without electricity our heat and lights are now back on! The temperature has held at about 28 degrees all day but we managed to stay warm during the day and evening. Thank goodness for our propane kitchen stove so we could still cook a warm meal and keep our home reasonable warm during those long 12 hours. It's amazing how much we take for granted throughout our days. You can't imagine what it felt like to see the lamp come on in our living room tonight. Just the glow of it was amazing to see and the warmth that filled the room as the propane heater pushed it's warm air through out the house was such a blessing. It's so simple to flip a switch and the light fills the room. You learn to appreciate those simple things living out in the country in the heart of winter!
So things seem to be back to normal for the evening. Gosh, I hope to awake to a house full of warmth and comfort in the morning. Son is scheduled to fly into Missoula on Wednesday afternoon so please find the switch to turn the snow off for the rest of the week so everyone can enjoy the wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!!!

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gincoleaves said...

Enjoy a great Thanksgiving with your family Hostagirl.

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