Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Son made it to Montana for Thanksgiving...thank you Alaska Airlines for your on time flights!!! Just like it was suppose to it, it snowed the day before Son flew in. The entire valley was cloaked in a beautiful white blanket of fluffy snow! And the roads were bare of their snow for our trip to pick up son and also when we took him back to the airport several days later.
Of course, the scenes that caught my eye were endless during this beautiful winter time. The temperature was in the low 20's and the sun did appear right on schedule for all the travelers coming home for the holidays.
The day Son flew out of Montana was another sun filled day.....making mother feel much better about waving goodbye to Son as he enter through the gate to board his plane. And because of the time change between here and Seattle, he actually arrived home before we could drive back to our home in the lower Bitter Root Valley.
Our time together was so wonderful and full of millions of memories of days gone by. Of course there had to be one very late night session that was just like the "old days" back home in Washington. And I was thankful that he did get to meet a few of my walking/hiking friends while he was here for his visit.
Thank you Son for making this the best Thanksgiving I have ever had!!!


keewee said...

I am so glad J. made it to Montana to spend Thanksgiving with you and that you had a wonderful time.
The sight of all that snow, even though it is beautiful, makes me shiver. Brrrr!

gincoleaves said...

I am pleased to read that you had a wonderful time with your Son Hostagirl (what a handsome guy he is!)
As I can see from your pictures, you guys won't have to sing "Dreaming of a white Christmas" You're well and truly prepared!

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