Friday, November 2, 2007

This was a cute scene that I was able to catch today out in my front yard. This young deer and her mom were enjoying a snack of a few apples that had fallen from the tree when the neighborhood turkey flock came through the yard to find their share of the goodies. This little guy didn't know which way to run as mom stood quietly watching the scene. The turkeys finally moved on and he settled down to finish what apples were left.
Another unusual ranch name in the area. I can only guess that this gentleman must be a horse shoer.


gincoleaves said...

Hostagirl, that's what I'd call a million dollar view!!!
That young deer sure looks like he's got Spring fever, and I think than Ranch owner must be a horse lover - he definately has all the room in the world for a whole bunch of 'em ! ! !

keewee said...

I love to see your pictures.
I will be checking in on you when I am "down under" I am getting that apprehensive/excited feeling now the time is close to my departure.

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