Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I think I have discovered something that the local deer won't eat.....at least so far. And they have already eaten just about everything in site!!! The above picture is of my pretty little Irish Bells. I transplanted a few of them this last spring from the garden back in Washington state and they did a great job of making good growth this summer. Their one defense is that they have little spikes all along their stems which seem to guard their pretty green leaves and flowers. And each little bell shaped flower has 4 little white seeds in it so their should return in abundance next summer.

The second plant I have discovered that still has all of it's leaves is my transplanted Azalea plant. It's a very pretty tiny leafed bush with very small lavender flowers. So some of my gardening has survived the wildlife around here....so far!

I went out with my hiking/walking group yesterday afternoon in the most beautiful weather. Not a cloud to be seen anywhere in this beautiful blue sky of Montana. We all wore our hunter orange because we are in the middle of hunting season. But all went well and we all had such a good time.

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