Sunday, December 2, 2007

I am so sorry that it has been so long since I last posted. I have been in a battle with my photography program and for quite some time it was winning. I was using my laptop to post with and suddenly my photo program decided not to communicate with me on my computer or thru my camera. After many emails to the photo site I gave up and went back to my desktop computer and after uploading the new updated version my photos went right into my system. Dang!!

So it's back to publishing beautiful winter photos. This is the only snow storm we have had so far but it is beautiful. The temperature has been holding in the 20's for the last week but they say there is more snow on the way. My walking/hiking group have 2 more walks this next week...Monday and Wednesday, so the forest should be offering some wonderful photo opportunities for me!

We have been enjoying the Turkey's that have visited us frequently and there have been several Deer in our yard and also a large herd of Elk wandered through and are staying on the hill across the street from us for the last few days. It was funny (cause it wasn't our fence!!) as the herd of Elk came through the neighbors pasture. The larger Elk in the herd tried to climb through the fence and the younger ones were smart enough to just jump the fence and cross the road. But the larger ones struggle for some time and many of them left lot's of hair on the barbwire fence before they made it out of the pasture. Many of the wires were stretched but none of them broke....this time. It's a common sight here to see a herd of Elk go through the neighborhood then to see the farmers go out and do the necessary repairs to their fences. Oh, the joy of living in Montana!

I hope all of you are keeping warm and safe as we enter into the winter season.

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gincoleaves said...

How I wish I could see all those wild animals, but I'm hoping you will treat us all to those wonderful sights Hostagirl!!
Keep on clicking, but keep those toes snug and warm :-)

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