Sunday, October 14, 2007

Well, It looks like summer is saying goodbye here in Montana as the colors are changing even in my beautiful Hostas. It is amazing that this will already be our second winter here. This truly has been the busiest, yet the most fun filled year we had ever had.
The deer are growing their winter coats preparing for the cold days and nights to come. They are trying to eat everything in my yard and garden in their attempt to put on fat to help make it through the winter.
This is a sight just across the road from us. I have never saw so many glorious reds and brilliant yellows in the trees as we have here in this valley. I think it's Mother Natures way of charming us before all the cold and freezing snow arrives!

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gincoleaves said...

That tree or bush looks like it's on fire.
I have learned to appreciate the changing colours of the seasons ever since I first came to live in Europe some 20 years ago.
In South Africa it was never so noticable, it's either mostly very green or very grey - during the "dry" months. I do miss the long long Summer months, but I love the Snow and the changing colours far too much to make the change again. Boy oh Boy, wouldn't it be nice to have it all wrapped up in one? LOL!

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