Saturday, October 13, 2007

This is a nice Ranch name here in the valley. It sits on a hill...that is why the odd angle of the camera. But check out the back side of this sign........................
This is what you see as you are leaving the ranch. Very Clever! Must have been Roy Rogers fans. Okay, if you don't know who Roy Rogers is, ask grama. Sheez!
This is a recent project from my Adult Kindergarten Craft Class. It is a wine bottle (NO, we didn't get to empty them!!) and it is covered in masking tape with real autumn leaves showing through. The masking tape is then covered in shoe polish. Fun Project!

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gincoleaves said...

Covered in Autumn leaves! I would never have guessed, it looks more like it could be covered in a patchwork of leather pieces - very pretty and interesting indeed! !

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