Monday, October 15, 2007

We traveled to Hamilton to see the Hamilton Apple Days Celebration. There were thousands of people there! The volunteer ladies from around the valley had put together 750 pies for the day. Most were already baked but they also had frozen ready to bake pies available. And of course we had to bring one of these delicious pies home with us!

These people are stirring us a batch of wonderful Apple Butter. They are making it right in the middle of the street during the celebration of Apple Days. It did draw quite a crowd. Apple Butter on toast...yum.

This was a very cute scene at one of the jams and jelly booths. Dog Lovers...what can I say! They were also pressing fresh apple cider and giving our free cider. Can't get any fresher than that. This brought back some wonderful memories of my childhood when we pressed apples to make our own cider to enjoy. Oh, the good old days.
The weather stayed beautiful for the entire day of this event so the live music was enjoyed by everyone and I can now confirm the rumor that yes, Huey Lewis was attending a music event at the *********!! I love this place.


gincoleaves said...

Now that is something I cannot resist - I love Apple Strudel and Apple cider, but have never yet tried Apple butter, that is a new one on me, but I will grab the oportunity to give it a try.

That little doggy looks desperate to get out there and join in the fun!!

gincoleaves said...

Hostagirl, right now I have the sweet smell of cinnamon and spice all around me! LOL!

keewee said...

What a fun event,all the lovely apple and spice aromas,and an apple pie to take home to enjoy with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

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