Sunday, October 28, 2007

The weather was so beautiful that JW and I took a Saturday afternoon drive up the East Fork of the Bitter Root River. I went with the intent of capturing some photos of some elk and maybe moose as they seem to be a little scarce right now. You can imagine how excited I was when we came around a corner and saw this small herd of Long Horn Sheep grazing in a pasture. And as you can see I was able to get fairly close to them and they really didn't seem to care. Of course, this young ram was busy trying to keep the young bucks away from his herd of females.
This is a Clematis that is growing on the end of your back deck. Even though the temperature has been down in the low 20's a night, it just keeps on blooming! Boy, that's determination!!

The wild turkeys that have moved into our neighborhood have discovered that we knock the apples out of our tree each day and now come and visit us several times a day. It has become such a routine that when they are about a 1/8 of a mile down the road from us they all start to run this way. Can you imagine a flock of about 30 wild turkeys running down the middle of a country's quite a site to see. We are trying to remove all the apples from the tree before the weather gets bad enough that the bears starting moving down into the lower valley looking for food...they love fresh apples. Oh, the country life!

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