Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fall is in full swing here in our valley. The leaves have completed their colorful show and are now performing their version of natures carpet, helping to protect the trees life giving roots from the upcoming chilly winter days and nights. Their color show was spectacular this fall. The locals tell me this was one of the most beautiful fall colors they have ever seen. They wonder if the warm winter or all the smoke from our 3 and 1/2 month long forest fires had anything to do with it.
Even the Turkeys are trying to find food anywhere they can. There can't be anything any funnier than a awkward Turkey trying to balance himself in a tree while eating berries from the small branches!
And the Deer have moved in to make sure they haven't missed any of my precious garden plants. They can trim things better than I can...Darn them!!! They are cute but after a few days of trying to clean their droppings out of the treads of my hiking boots I find it a little hard to think of them as cute!

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gincoleaves said...

Your photos are as lovely as ever Hostagirl!
I haven't really thought of all the damage those wild creatures can do in a well kept garden - 'cos I'm a city slicker, LOL!!
Come to think of it, those Turkeys must watch out - Thanksgiving is just around the corner!?!

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