Tuesday, September 18, 2007

We awoke to a temperature of 30 degrees this morning...bbbrrrrrr! As I was washing the breakfast dishes I looked out the window and wondered..."What is that on my lawn?" As I looked closer I realized it was heavy frost frozen on my beautiful grass. DANG! Summer is going away, and I am going to miss the warmth and sleeveless days. As I am looking out onto the deck I really believe I just saw my precious Hosta's shivering.

The school bus is again on it's scheduled run, definitely marking the return of fall. There is a stop just in front of our house and it's fun to see the little kids get off and on the bus each day. Several have grown quite a bit since we first saw them at the beginning of school last year. It is amazing that we have lived here almost one year already. What a wonderful, busy year it has been. I have been on more hikes in this valley than I have been on in the total of my life! Many times I was able to go on hikes twice a week and always with a very fun group of people.

And JW and I have been on many fun day drives to explore all our new surroundings. So many wonderful things to see and do here in this wonderful place called Montana.

And at this writing the clock says it is 9:20 am and the Royal House Cat has not left her bed (or is that her throne?). That's one nice thing about colder weather...we will be seeing more of Her Majesty around the house.
JW is at the shop early today in preparation for a house guest that is also a Machinist so he of course wants his Kingdom to look good. Machinist are that way...everything in it's place and everything CLEAN. I am so thankful that he is able to have a shop of his own. Men and their toys.
The new house that has been under construction all summer next to us is beginning to take shape. There is still a deck to be put on the back of the house. The house is all sided and the side porch and the front porch are in place. We saw the carpet arrive 2 days ago and the painters are done. Spring will probably bring their new lawn and I imagine the barn to house her two horses will go up before snowfall. It's a very pretty home and we hope our new neighbors will be very happy and comfortable there.
I posted the flower pictures today just to bring a little sunshine into my readers lives. I hope it's working! Have a great day everyone..and thanks so much for stopping by.


keewee said...

You and I have the photography bug, big time. I love the gratification of seeing my creations in a matter of minutes, instead of waiting for photos to be developed. Technology, isn't it grand?

gincoleaves said...

Daisy daisy give me your answer do....!
Those bright little faces sure are lovely, and probably the last of the season, but don't worry Hostagirl, they'll be back next Summer.
We're also beginning to feel the nip in the air, but we haven't woken up to find frost on the ground - yet! :-)

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