Sunday, September 23, 2007


This is the scene we awoke to this morning! Brrr! We have had lot's of very welcomed rain for the last few days but were hoping that this type of scene was sometime away. And as you can see by the following picture, my flowers were not expecting snow either.
I have spent some of the early evening covering up some of the flowers that I am not ready to give up just yet. I hope it works. Yes, I did wish for a Indian Summer but it looks like it may not be here this year.

So my hours of playing out in the garden and flower beds may be coming to an end very soon for the rest of the year. But I plan to keep myself very busy working with my hand made beads and having fun with my photographs. Keep warm!


gincoleaves said...

Oh yes, it sure looks cold out there, an early snowfall is always a disappointment to us humans, but a shock to the poor flowers!
Keep your toes warm Hostagirl!

keewee said...

goodness, the sight of snow makes me shiver. I sure hope we do not get too much this winter.
The sun is supposed to shine this afternoon, I plan on doing a little cleanup in the garden.

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