Sunday, September 16, 2007

This is a view from the lake trail last Tuesday. A major forest fire went through this area in 1988 and did a lot of damage to the forest. But fortunately there is a lot of beautiful new growth here.
This was a scene from our hiking group/walking group adventure to the same place last Friday. As we were hiking and chatting a shadow moving along the edge of the water caught my eye. It was wonderful to look through the trees and see that it was a beautiful Eagle in flight. But better yet was when he turned towards us and flew to this dead tree right next to the trail just ahead of us! He sat on this limb for several minutes preening himself. It looked like he had just left the water as he appeared to be wet. Of course I was busy taking as many pictures as possible and was thrilled to get this shot just as he spread his wings and took off in flight above us. Gosh, I love this camera!!! I am so blessed to get to see so much wonderful wildlife through my view finder for everyone to see too. Please click on this photo to see the real beauty of this magnificent bird!

I have spent a good portion of the day working on my photo online store...Gail's1stplacephotos on I still have many photos to upload to products so I am trying to complete this task soon. Please stop by and see my daily added new products...and more are coming!

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