Saturday, September 15, 2007

There seems to be a reoccurring theme here

We drove into Hamilton yesterday and of course we had to stop at the candy shop there! Montana sure knows how to make awesome candy! My favorite is the dark chocolate peanut clusters. But for some strange reason I can never make it all the way home with any of my candy choices. Darn, I just can't figure out what happens to it. I guess I need to keep going back until the mystery is solved. Yea, that's a real good idea!!!
This is another view of Lake Como, our hiking destination last Tuesday. This picture was taken looking towards the west, I think. The water you see flowing is from the waterfall farther up the lake, trying to find it's way to whats left of the lake further east.
This is a view of the East end of the lake from atop the earthen dam that causes the lake. The vehicle below is parked where there is normally a depth of water maybe 50 to 60 feet deep. At this end there is a wonderful picnic area, swimming section, and also campsites. And of course many beautiful views of the lake.

Our fall weather is fast approaching so I need to get out in the garden and get some of my potted plants taeken care of. Many of the Hostaa's have started into thieir winter sleep mode so they are ready to be put in a safe place for the winter season. I still enjoy playing in the dirt...always a kid at heart.


gincoleaves said...

Ooooh Dear, you've got me drooling and craving for something sweet at this end of the world! Your candy store pic is "murder" if you've got a sweet tooth like mine, :-)

The panoramic view is awsome! !

keewee said...

Talk about a kid in a candy store. I would have to buy a few of each to find out which are my favorites, so next time I visited the store, I would know which candy to stock up on.
I remember my days in Wenatchee when the irrigation water was turned off and I had to resort to watering the garden from the house water and trying to be frugal so I would not have a huge water bill.

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