Sunday, September 30, 2007

The morning temperature was barely 22 degrees this morning so I looked through my photo file and found a few favorites to brighten and warm the day.
The deer population has grown by leaps an bounds (no pun intended..but think about it!!!) and several times they have gotten brave enough to come up on the back deck and have a snack on my beautiful plants.
But I have accepted the fact that my hostas will loose some of their leaves before I can cover them up for the upcoming winter. But going into winter without leaves shouldn't slow down their growth next spring.

I participated in my first "Craft Fair" yesterday in Darby. We set up at 7:30 AM! and stayed until 3:00. The morning was just a bit chilly with the threat of rain. But the rain stayed away and a breeze came up which did help to clear out the clouds so we had some sun in the afternoon. But the breeze caused us to try to find some sunshine to be in to warm our cold and tired bones.

I was so very thankful that JW went with me to my first sale. I displayed my hand made bead necklaces, loose beads, note cards with my photos on them, also tile coasters with pics, and many of my photographs. JW brought some of the fly fishing vise extension that he and another gentleman designed and got good response on them too. We were both a little surprised at the amount of people in attendance. This function was to be held in July but because of the forest fire so close to town they changed the date to Saturday. So we were happy to see so many people. And we met many of our neighbors that we hadn't met before. That alone made the day worthwhile.

I did pretty well for my first showing. I definitely have a better idea of what type of photos people in Montana are looking for and are willing to pay for! I came home with quite a bit of cash in my pocket. So I had better find the next scheduled Craft Fair in the valley...I will do even better in the next one...experience you know!!! Knowledge is POWER!!!

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keewee said...

we need something pretty to look at on these dreary days.
It is cold, wet and blustery today here on Whidbey.

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