Thursday, August 2, 2007


This is a view my hiking group saw as we were just about 2 miles into our 10! mile hike today. This hike followed the Tin Cup Creek just outside of Darby. The temperatures were good but the further into the forest we went, the heavier the smoke became. Many of the trails around us are closed because of all the local forest fires, but we found this one open today and decided we would hike through the smoke anyway.
We had to ford Tin Cup Creek on our way to our destination but because of the lack of snow last winter, very little rain this year and the high temperatures in July, we had no difficulty walking across the creek. I must say, the cool waters were just what our feet needed on the trip up and also on our return trip. On the return trip we did spend some time in the creek chatting! It felt SOOOO GOOD!!
The snow in this picture is the glacier on The Shard mountain that is 9,883 feet in height. There was just enough smoke that I couldn't get a clear picture which is a real shame because this is without a doubt the most magnificent scene I have ever seen! I told JW that I wanted him to return to this trail with me when the smoke has left so we can get better pictures and he can seen how fabulous this place is. It just took my breath away when we walked out into the clearing and saw this view for the first time. We were up so high but the mountain is so majestic, that I kind of got the same feeling when I go to the Pacific Ocean....they both puts things into perspective and I realize how small and insignificant we humans are!!

This is a hike that I will always remember just for the shear beauty of this place.


keewee said...

Even though there is smoke clouding the view of the glacier, it is still awesome. Hostagirl, you sure do see some majestic sights.

gincoleaves said...

Just looking at these gorgeous pictures, I can actually smell the good clean air!
I'd willingly miss my supper tonight if I could only dip my toes in that stream of water - it really looks inviting!

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