Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Today is another glorious day here in Montana. The forest fires are not coming our way at the present time! My hiking group went on a hike this morning not realizing how close we were to the fire on Rombo Mtn. We were having a wonderful time when a Forest Service truck came around the corner and pulled up to us and said "Hi, Do you ladies know you are on a closed road because of the proximity to the big fire?" Of course we had not even thought about it as we laughed, giggled and joked around on our stroll down the forest service road! So we turned around and headed back down the road to our cars and headed back home. But it was a great day with lot's of good conversation and laughs.
This is a earlier photo when there was still a little snow in our mountains but they are now all very dry already this year. We encountered a rather large herd of deer on our hike. We assumed they were on the move because of the forest fire.
My stepping stone project is finally finished although this is not a recent picture. The grass has recovered around the edges and I have put sand in around the stones so it's looking pretty good!
I will get out and get an updated photo soon.

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