Saturday, August 4, 2007


This is the finished look of the stepping stones below our deck steps. I had made the stepping stones at my little home near Wenatchee before I met JW. I had put a lot of time in them and decided they needed to move with us to Montana. Some have special stones in them, others with special pieces of jewelry, and even some beautiful sea shells that I collected on my trips to the Pacific Ocean on the Washington coast. There is even a Western belt buckle that I had won with my wonderful horse Dusty in a Performance Show. Yes, even my hand print with a turquoise ring embedded in it. These special stepping stones couldn't be left behind!

JW had the stone "GAIL'S GARDEN" engraved for me for my Birthday last year. Thank you Dear..I do love it!!!

My Hollyhocks are putting on a fabulous show of color. The plant on the left is yellow with pink centers...a new color for me. Other colors growing around the hose are white, Very dark pink, maroon, a very faint pink, and red. The Hollyhocks here in Montana don't seem to have much trouble with the Rust disease like mine did in Washington State. I did manage to bring some seeds from some Hollyhock plants that I had growing at JW's place. The seeds came from my Grandmothers plants that she had in her garden and they are very precious to me.

The winds came through a bit last night so the smoke from the forest fires has lessened a bit on the valley floor but the mountains are still hidden in the smoke. I imagine that the winds certainly didn't help the fire fighters a bit! We haven't heard an update on our fire that is just 10 miles from us...The Rombo Mountain fire. You might catch news clips about it on your evening news.

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keewee said...

Now there is an idea for stepping stones. What did you use for the molds?
I bought a few stepping stones for in front of the front porch, and they were $5:99 each ouch I think I could make more attractive stepping stones.

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