Monday, August 6, 2007

I took this picture this evening standing near main street in our little town of Darby, Montana. There are so many forest fires in western Montana that the borate planes couldn't fly out of Missoula to help with our fires. So they are sending them all the way from Helena in Central Montana. It looked like they had a big enough load of borate that they could make two passes over this fire. The small plane on the left was the spotter plane that lead him into the fire and out again.
This is how close this plane came near us after he emptied the retardant from his plane. What an incredible sound these huge planes make while flying overhead! They have evacuated lot's of people from this area that is filled with many million dollar homes hidden away in the forest that comes right up to the Darby city limits. We sure hope they get control of this fire soon!

We have been lucky so far here at our fires closer that 10 miles. We are making ourselves ready if things change quickly in our area. We did see the stars last night for the first time in at least 2 weeks. The high winds went through the valley yesterday about 6:45 pm and at 7:00 pm several trees fell on the power lines and the power was out from the West Fork all the way up to Hamilton and even across the Bitter Root River into Stevensville and Corvallis. A very large area!! JW and I took the blackout in stride...we lit several candles, turned on the battery operated lantern and got out the Cribbage board and spent a few hours enjoying the game. We headed to bed still without electricity and slept in total darkness. That felt strange! The power did return about 1:00am...thank you guys for working into the night for us!!!

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