Tuesday, August 7, 2007

OH MY GOSH...I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, the picture with the GIANT blue ribbon is mine! I can't believe it. It was judged "BEST OF SHOW" in it's class. I am so excited. I entered 17 photographs and received ribbons for 8 of them. Wow! my first Western Montana Fair entry. I like this stuff. I will post a picture of my best photo some time next week because the photos have to stay on display through Sunday evening.
This shows what is happening here in Montana with our forest fires and very dry weather. While we were at the Fair today we saw the boret planes flying to Darby to try to control the fires there. They flew over constantly. But when we got near Darby we realized the planes appeared to be fighting a loosing battle. The fire had grown very large since we drove through Darby this morning. There is so much smoke in the air sometimes it's hard to breath and it burns our eyes.


keewee said...

Congratulations girlfriend. I am so proud of you.

gincoleaves said...

Well done Hostagirl & congratulations!!
I would like to see the picture of your prize winning photo!!

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