Friday, July 27, 2007

JW's pea patch is doing extremely well! And yes, he does visit the patch several times a day and NO!!! the peas never make it in the house! But that's OK, the patch was planted just for him to enjoy. I don't mind getting mine from the frozen food department at the grocery store.

We had to put up the deer netting here too because the deer mistakenly thought we had gone to all of this work for them.

A vision on my walk this week! It seems there is always a different vision to see around here.

We made a trip to Missoula this week to pick up entry tags for my items I am going to display in the Missoula's Western Montana Fair during the first week of August. We will take them to the fairgrounds on Monday for judging.

While in Missoula we stopped at a very popular restaurant for lunch. Because my weight loss is going so well, I ordered my favorite Chef Salad. The restaurant was fairly busy as usual and we were busy talking about the day when we heard a item from the kitchen crash to the floor. It apparently happened in the kitchen area as we saw no activity happening out front.

Sometime later our lunch arrived and I was really enjoying my chef salad as we were chatting. About 1/4 of the way through my salad I looked down and thought, "I told them not to put eggs on my Chef Salad." As I reached for was about the size of a I picked it up on my fork I realized it is a piece of a yellow dinner plate!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!! I dropped my fork and told JW what I had found and suddenly realized that there was probably several shards of glass still in my salad. Of course I was appalled and went immediately to the waiter and showed him what I had found. You would have thought I had put a gun to the poor young guys head!! He just about fainted...he was very upset. But after I calmed him a bit I told him it wasn't really that bad and that I didn't think I had consumed any of the plate! Of course he just about gave us the restaurant to make up for the mistake so I ended up having great pie instead of a Chef Salad! Yum!!

This tomato plant froze during the last freeze in June but I kept it anyway and have been giving it special care and now there are actually blooms on it. I know it's a little late here in Montana to try to get tomato's now but I am going to just let it grow and see what happens.


gincoleaves said...

Oh Hostagirl, just imagine, you could be the proud owner and chef of your own restaurant right now! LOL!
Jokes aside, I think you were very very lucky not to swallow small pieces of the broken plate pieces.
How people can be so careless and dont care in a kitchen, is a mystery to me. Even if the restaurant owner pays for the damage, it's still the customer who suffers the pain (and surgery)
The angels were with you - but I'm glad you enjoyed the pie! ! !

keewee said...

Gosh you sure were lucky that you did not swallow any of the broken pieces.
If the weather stays hot long enough, you may see some tomatoes on your plant.

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