Monday, April 9, 2007

Spring is coming

Another fun walk with the Walking Club. We have been so lucky to have had such beautiful weather for our walks. It makes for a very enjoyable time.
This is one of the many Hosta plants that we brought with us from Washington State when we moved last October. I am so very glad to see that the majority of the potted plants have seemed to have survived the winter and are starting to sprout already. I have them all group together on the back deck up against the side of the house so they can obtain some of the warmth from the house. And I have constructed a frame over them that has deer netting over it and I use shipping blankets over that at night to help keep out the cold. It's quite the chore to uncover them each morning ...waiting till after the temperature has reached at least 40 degrees then to remember to replace the cover before the temperature drop's back below 40 in the evenings. The lady at a local nursery has told me that it is difficult for potted plants to survive the early springs here because the temperatures can still dip down into the low 20's. But it has appeared to have paid off as at least 20 pots have sprouted Hosta's so for with just about 6 left to start sprouting. And of course the pots range from gallon size to ones that must be moved with a handtruck. Our nights have been getting down into the 20's and the days up into the 70's. So this spring will be interesting to see what plants are potted in each pot...cause I have forgotten! Oops!

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keewee said...

I am so glad your hostas have survived. The hostas you gave me are all coming up out of the ground, even a couple of very small ones I wasn't sure would survive. My Tulips are fabulous, I think I may plant a bunch more this fall.

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