Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Home Land Security?

No, I couldn't pass up this picture opportunity on my afternoon walk yesterday. Apparently the posts have been there so long that they just simply rotted off at ground level.

It was so cold today that I didn't feel up to going on our club walk. I just feel like the cold air has settled in my bones so I stayed home all day and kept warm under a blanket in front of the TV. I must admit, this is my very first unproductive day I have had since we arrived here last October. I think I am just tired.

JW is attending another one of his fly fishing classes tonight. They are planned to be outside to do casting but he suspected that they may use the high school gym instead. (At least, he hoped they would!).

1 comment:

keewee said...

Sometimes we need to take a day off just to rest. I love to snuggle under a blanket and watch TV or read a book.

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