Monday, April 2, 2007

Our Sunday drive

JW and I went on a wonderful drive yesterday afternoon while the weather was gorgeous. We drove up the West Fork road of the Bitter Root River. This is the Painted Rock State Park. The lake is formed by a reservoir that the Bitter Root River flows through. The ice is melting away from the edges of the "lake" and a one time apparently thick enough to hold snowmobiles as we can see what is left of their tracks out into the center of the ice. We could also see animals tracks crossing the area and a few spots that look as though a animal of some kind must have fallen through the ice as the weather warmed.

As we drove on past the lake we realized that we were just a few miles from the Idaho border. About that time it began to snow. The sun was still trying to shine but we figured we had better not take any chances traveling any further since we did not pack any extra supplies or warmer clothing. We definitely don't want to get stuck way out here in the middle of nowhere!
This is a very low hanging rock formation that we passed under on our way back home. It actually looks like a logging truck would strike this overhang as it passed by!!! The yellow/green color on the rocks are the reason this area is called Painted Rocks State Park. There are also rocks that look like someone has thrown orange paint on them. Beautiful when the sun shines on them. If we get up there again at the right time of day I will post a photograph of these colorful rocks.

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keewee said...

Don't you just love to take Sunday drives and explore the countryside?

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