Saturday, March 31, 2007

Gosh, it's been a while!

Yes, Spring is beginning to make itself felt around here in Montana so I have been very busy doing yard work and trying to get the flower beds in order. So by the time I am forced inside because of the loss of daylight I am just too exhausted to sit down at the computer. And for that I apologize. I do miss posting daily on my blog but please be patient with me and I will post pictures of my progress in the yard.

All of the Hosta plants that are in pots that came with us from Washington have been under wraps since they arrived here last October. I raised one of the covers and discovered that they don't care if it's not really Spring or that the fact they are receiving NO sunshine...they are going to start growing anyway. So I had to devise a way to allow them sunlight during the day but to keep them protected during the night. It is still getting down into the 20's here at night. So now each morning after the temperature has reach up into the 40's, I uncover them so the sun can help to get some green into their leaves and I cover them back up before the day starts to cool off. They have white sprouts about a inch and a half tall so they do need some sun!! There are about 20 Hosta's of different varieties that are all special to me so I must try to help them survive their first Spring in Montana.

And I have been going on a 1 to 2 hour hike each day before I start my yard chores so I can get myself back in shape. There are several "happenings" this summer that I plan to attend but I need to find my old self first!!! There is my class reunion coming up in August (no way I will go looking like this!!!) and 2 very special get-togethers back in Wenatchee we want to in June and one more in July plus the class thing. So I have several goals that I need to meet and between the daily hiking and the yard work I have already made good progress!!! I will try to post some pictures of the beautiful areas I have been hiking in. There is no shortage of wonderful hiking trails just across the road from our house!

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keewee said...

Sheesh!! another comment "lost" I wrote a nice long comment last night about how well the hostas you gave me are doing, and all the bookings we have made for campgrounds, air tickets to Reno, hotel reservations etc. and all the fun stuff you will be doing this summer. It seems it did not post. "welcome to bloggerland" *grin*

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