Friday, March 9, 2007

A short history lesson

I took a picture of the sign that's tells about Trapper Peak that is just up the road from us. But I don't think the print on the sign can be read very well so I will retype just what both signs say. I find it very interesting...I hope you do too..

"At 10,157 feet in elevation, magnificent Trapper Peak rises higher than any other peak in the 200 mile-long Bitterroot Range that extends along the Idaho-Montana border from the Snake River Valley in Idaho to the Clark Fork River in Montana. The Range includes howling wilderness, yawning canyons, and towering mountains covered with a heavy growth of pine and fir. Huge sheets of ice craved the granite mountain and left glacial landforms known as horns, cirques, moraines, and aretes. These give the massive mountain its jagged form and distinctive profile."

" Trapper Peak has witnessed human activity in the Bitterroot Valley for at least 8,000 years. Early Valley occupants were prehistoric hunter and gatherers. The Bitterroot Salish-Native Americans thrived in the Valley until 1891, when they were moved to the Flathead Indian Reservation. In 1805, members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition passed here followed by traders, trappers, and missionaries. In an attempt to flee from the US Army in 1877, the non-treaty Nez Perce Native Americans passed peacefully through the Valley on their way east. Mining, agriculture, and logging brought settlers and in 1876 the mountain was named by Granville Lee Shook, a surveyor for the Anaconda Mining Company, for its trapping success. Trapper Peak's timeless and sturdy form represents history, from the historic travelers of the past, to the modern day travelers of tomorrow."

So, there is you history lesson for today! I attended a valley Newcomers Club function yesterday and I was so excited to find not only this fun group but a walking club, a hiking club, 2 awesome garden clubs, a book club, and even a sewing club. What a great day. So many nice people. This is going to be fun!!!

I also attended my second meeting of the Red Hat Society. It was a much better meeting than the first so I will stick this one out for awhile and see what comes of it.

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keewee said...

Hey girlfriend, you are soon going to be so busy you will hardly have time for blogging *smile* I know that is not so.
I am glad you have found some wonderful clubs which are of interest to you.
Tomorrow is our first pin shoot of the season, sadly I am not really prepared as I have been tardy in getting in some practice.

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