Saturday, March 10, 2007

Cat on a hot tin roof!

It was so beautiful today that I actually did some yard work. I have discovered so many budding plants in the flower beds that I almost overworked my recovering hand a little to much. The temperate was in the mid 60's so I just couldn't help myself. I will try to do just a little each day and maybe my hand will build more strength. I must be careful as my hands must hold out till my garden work is complete!

The above photograph was taken while I was working in the east flower bed. It was a real surprise to look over at the neighbors house and there was our cat walking around on their roof!! She loves to climb anywhere so I knew she would eventually come down on her own...which she did, so I had time to retrieve my camera and snap this picture. Of course I had to email one to the neighbors too!

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keewee said...

Wonder where the comment I posted yesterday went.
I said, I bet you are excited to see all those plants coming up, and wondering what they are. I well remember the feeling of excitement when I first explored the garden here, and to add to it has been a joy.

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