Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Guess who came to dinner?

I looked out the sliding glass doors yesterday to see if any pretty birds were on the feeder or under it. Boy, was I surprised!! There were nine of these not very pretty birds eating food that had been thrown from the feeder by the much smaller (and prettier) birds! This local group of turkeys took their time wandering around the yard looking for things to eat, then wandered on down the road.
I know the turkeys are not something beautiful to look at but I must say they do have some very pretty feathers...not much meat but lot's of pretty feathers.
Do you need a bale of hay? Most of the hay you see here in Montana is in this rolled form of bales. Some farmers with small herds place one of these bales into a circular steel holder made just to fit a bale and let the cattle free feed out of them. I have seen many horse pastures with the same style of feeders in them too.

Bigger ranchers with large herds of cattle have a piece of equipment that picks up the bale by sticking a pipe or rod through the center of the bale and when they take it out into the field the machine unrolls it and and it's long enough that all the cattle can eat their fill. Quite an amazing sight to see.


Anonymous said...

We get chinese pheasants under our feeder. Those bales of hay sure are something. I suppose for large spreads, they are are less work for the ranch hands than the smaller oblong bales.

gincoleaves said...

What lovely pics of those turkeys you've got there - I know they're not the prettiest, but Hostagirl, they sure are unusual looking :-)
I can see myself climbing right on top of those hay bales, sitting comfortably, enjoying the peaceful view!!!!

keewee said...

Running a check to see if we have *fixed* the problem with posting a comment. What a can of worms when you do a typo on changing over to the new blogger. Cross your fingers, I am about to enter all info.

keewee said...

Whoohoo!! it works

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