Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Another crafting project

These are a few of the beads I have been practicing making.
It has been a lot of fun and I believe I will attempt to make a few more varieties.
There is several street fairs here in Darby and also up in Hamilton this summer and I would like to see if I could make and sell some necklaces.
This has been a fun project and it certainly helped to pass the cold winter months here in Montana. I am sure winter is not over yet but our expected high today is in the 60's. The clerk at the Conner store told me today that I should start my tomato plants now. WOW!! Spring stuff!


Anonymous said...

Hey girlfriend, the beads are very nice. You sure are keeping busy.

gincoleaves said...

Oh I do like those beads, and such pretty colours.
I have a hobby called crazy patchwork, so I'm constantly looking for beads & ribbons & fancy pieces of fabric to work with. I hope you will spoil us at a later stage and show us more of your craft works on the blog. :-)

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